Gravity-Superconductors Interactions: Theory and Experiment

Gravity-Superconductors Interactions: Historical Background

Author(s): Giovanni Modanese and Glen A. Robertson

Pp: 3-22 (20)

Doi: 10.2174/978160805399511201010003

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This chapter summarizes from a historical perspective the works on gravity-superconductors interactions from the De Witt 1966 brief paper; to the Anandan, Chiao and Ross 1980s theoretical papers; to the Li, Peng, Torr 1990s theories and superconductor experiments as those of Podkletnov et al. in 1992, 1995, & 2001, Chiao et al. in 2003 and Tajmar et al. in the late 2000s with some discussion on other theories and experiments. More detailed work can be found in the other chapters of this eBook.

Keywords: Ravitational forces, theories of gravitation, superconductors, high-Tc superconductors, low-Tc superconductors, type-II superconductors, general relativity, quantum gravity, vacuum energy density, gravitational waves, gravitomagnetism, gravity-like fields.

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